Sen. Paul Strauss

Senator Strauss has been a leader and activist in the DC tenant's rights movement since 1987, when, as an ANC Commissioner, he organized his own tenant association at an 800+ unit building on Massachusetts Avenue. Strauss began his career at DC Superior Court, as the DHS Court Liaison. In that capacity he represented the Agency in Court hearings. From the Court, he joined the legislative staff of the DC Council where he worked as a Legislative Assistant for the Committee on Consumer and Regulatory Affairs. This DC Council Committee had oversight over the DC Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA), the Agency which administers all of the Housing Regulations in the District of Columbia, including Condominium Conversions. These experiences give Strauss a unique understanding over the internal functioning of the Courts and DCRA. Strauss left the Council to work on a Mayoral Campaign and became a Union Organizer for the Hotel and Restaurant Employee's Union HERE: Local 25. Strauss continued his affiliation with the Union and the firm presently represents the Union as their Labor Counsel.

Prior to founding Strauss and Associates, Strauss represented parties in Administrative proceedings at DCRA.




Mr. Ronald Vavruska

Mr. Vavruska has been representing parties in Child Abuse & Neglect Cases since 2003 and he has extensive experience in Probate, as well as Adult Guardianship matters. Mr. Vavruska has an advanced law degree (LLM) in the field of securities law.


Ms. Elena Iuga

Ms. Iuga has a LL.M. degree in Comparative Law. Over the last five years, she has developed a prolific practice in child welfare cases and has attained an outstanding reputation in that field with both the Bench and fellow members of the Bar. Ms. Iuga handles all of the firm's private clients in Child Custody and Domestic Relations, as well as a significant number of the firm's personal injury matters.

With an experienced team of professionals and a proven track record, Paul Strauss & Associates, P.C. offers a fully integrated approach to representing its clients. Given the firm's experience and expertise before the Court, in the Legislature, and within the Executive Regulatory Agencies, Paul Strauss and Associates, P.C. is uniquely qualified to provide a high level of service to a wide range of clientele.